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Unit Count: 60.00 Fl Oz
Brand: Tomomasu
Flavor: Peach
Item Form: Liquid
Package Information: Pack

Light, bright, and with just the right amount of sweetness Tomomasu peach cider is a thirst quenching soft drink that takes the flavor of summer and carries it throughout the year.
The carbonated water is literally popping with a sweet peach flavor that tastes refreshing.
At its best chilled, enjoy this peach cider anytime.
Looking for a refreshing Japanese soda This white peach cider is as every bit refreshing as it is delicious!
Enjoy the smooth white peach flavor and savor every drop.
Unit count type: Fl Oz

Tomomasu Japanese Peach Cider Soft Drink (6 Pack, Total of 60fl.oz)

SKU: B0988222QPe4t6gfdsdef
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