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Flavor: Assorted
Item Weight: 20 Ounces
Specialty: Gluten Free
Unit Count: 20.0 Ounce

SHOGUN CANDY - Try our Japanese Snacks and Japanese Candy containing a wide variety of exotic snacks and even popular snack found in anime! You’re also able to find some Japanese drinks in this mystery snack box! International snack boxes are becoming more popular these days and ours provides authentic Japanese candy and kawaii snacks found here in the dagashi of Japan!
A Box full of Japanese snacks and Japanese candy. You will find popular Japanese sweets in Japan such as dango food, Japanese gum, Japanese candies, neri-candy and even Sanrio snacks in this mystery candy box ! It is an exotic snack box straight from Japan! Enjoy kawaii Japanese snacks with your friends and family! It is also perfect for Japanese candy party as finger food, Instagram-able kawaii food. Let everyone experience the delicious taste of Japan!
Journey through Asia with our Japanese Snacks & Japanese Candy box. Tired of Sushi and Japanese natto? Discover the sweeter side of Japan. Try traditional Japanese sweets as kohakutou, neri-ame and modern kawaii Japanese snacks. Contains nostalgic snacks from the past to the latest popular treats of today. Explore a huge variety of Japanese snacks & Japanese Candy from Japan. This Japanese snack bag is great for special occasions such as Halloween, Christmas, birthday and family gatherings!
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SHOGUN CANDY, Japanese Snacks and Japanese Candy Box, Kawaii Anime Hime Box, Gl

SKU: B0BJK2BLWNe4t6gfdsdef
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