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Brand: Sakura Box
Item Form: Various
Flavor: Various (Sweet & Savory)
Unit Count: 1 Count
Size: Pack of 50

Huge 50 Piece Dagashi Set (Candy & Snacks)
Includes English Information and Instruction Pamphlet
50 Pieces of Yummy Japanese Goodies including Candy, Ramune, Chocolate, Gum, Gummies, Jelly, Chips
Note: The best before dates on Japanese items are in order of year-month-day so 23-8-16 = August 16th 2023. All items should have at least 2-3 months before their best before dates.

Sakura Box Japanese Candy & Snacks Dagashi Set & Pamphlet 50 Pieces Japanese Ca

SKU: B07SSKQY5Ge4t6gfdsdef
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