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Brand: Mashi Box
Package Information: Bags,Box
Number of Items: 55
Flavor: Orange
Size: 66 Piece Set

🌟 Explore the tasty snacks Asia has to offer with our Mashi Box Deluxe Asian Dagashi Snack Box - 55 Pieces!
🌟 2 Full-Sized Bags of Chips, 2 Full-Sized Snacks, 1 Ramune Drink, 1 Popin Cookin DIY Candy, 1 Full-Sized Noodle, 4o-count assortment of Asian candy (20 different flavors) and 9 snack sized items!
🌟 Each box comes with a paper letting you know what each snack is and which country it came from!
🌟 Comes in a cute white box with orange taping.
🌟 Perfect for care packages, birthday gifts, office gifts, anniversary gifts, or for any occasion!

Mashi Box Deluxe Asian Dagashi Snack Box - 55 Pieces - 6 FULL SIZED ITEMS, Come

SKU: B08YDNGZ6Te4t6gfdsdef
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