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Flavor: Assorted
Item Form: Pastille
Unit Count: 1 Count
Number of Items: 50

Traditional Japanese Candy & Snacks.It contains many small, cute candies and popular Japanese sweets.
Instagram-able kawaii Snacks.Not only small and cute. They come in a variety of flavors and looks. Original Japanese sweets.
Packed with a variety of Japanese sweet and snack foods. Exciting mystery boxes are perfect for parties and gifts!
Our Japanese Candy Box has been a very long seller for a long time. The contents change each season, so the fun never ends!
Contents 50count.You can enjoy not only the standard Umaibo, but also other snacks, candies, gummies, and many other types of sweets.
The box with the ninja illustration is of good quality and can be used as a collection case after you are done eating!
50 Pieces of Yummy Japanese Goodies including Candy, Ramune, Chocolate, Gum, Gummies, Jelly, Chips

Japanese Candy box Assortment Snacks (50count)

SKU: B084RK9HB7e4t6gfdsdef
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