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Dear valued customer,

We would like to express our sincerest gratitude for your continuous support and patronage of ishi Sushi over the past decade. In celebration of our 10th anniversary, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our new online ordering website,, which is designed to make your ordering experience easier and more convenient than ever before.

With our new website, you can enjoy the fastest delivery times and avoid the additional fees and high delivery costs associated with third-party delivery platforms. We are also offering special discounts on delivery fees and the option to order online, pick up in-store, or pre-order for a hassle-free experience.

At ishi Sushi, we take pride in using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients, combined with traditional Japanese culinary techniques, to create exquisite dishes that are not only delicious but also reflect Japan's unique culture and customs. We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible service and culinary experience.

Visit today and start ordering your favorite dishes with ease and convenience, while enjoying the most affordable delivery fees and fastest delivery times. We look forward to serving you soon!

Thank you,

The ishi Sushi Team

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